How A Social Media Fast Helped Me Focus Even More

15 Jan
Flickr user: John_A_Ward

Flickr user: John_A_Ward

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I wanted 2014 to be better.

To kick things off at the top of the year with a clearer mind, I came up with the idea to fast from social media. I had a bad morning and afternoon on New Years Eve and this ultimately led me to deactivate my Twitter and Facebook pages a day before I intended. I also removed Instagram from my phone. Continue reading

Has Justin Bieber’s R&B Dream Been Deferred by Dismal Sales of ‘Journals’?

8 Jan
Justin Bieber

Nicky Loh, Getty Images

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Justin Bieber is the reigning prince of pop music but recently Biebs has taken a turn for the sultry and soulful with his decidedly R&B album, ‘Journals.’ But are Beliebers and R&B fans ready for Justin’s latest incarnation as a slow grinding-crooner? Continue reading

Social Media Fast

31 Dec

Is anybody out there? I am on a temporary social media fast. I have deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts and deleted Instagram off of my phone for the time being. I will be away for at least one week and no more than a month.

I’ll be blogging here and at for the time being.

Thank you to everyone for your support throughout 2013. I appreciate you reading my work and look forward to all that is to come in 2014. Have a blessed and safe new year!

Bow Down: How ‘Beyonce’ Broke Music Industry Rules

20 Dec

Buda Mendes, Getty Images

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Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but not if your name is Beyonce. The global superstar earned a fortune since the surprise release of her eponymous fifth album exclusively on iTunes last week — with a $15.99 price tag. She skipped the traditional marketing route altogether, which became a career-defining moment that has blown the minds of fans and industry insiders alike. Continue reading

My Reading of “Brooklyn Kind of Love,” A Short Essay [VIDEO]

16 Dec

Wow! There is a first time for everything. On Thursday, Dec. 15, I read my piece “Brooklyn Kind of Love” for an essay contest I was a finalist in. Submissions had to be about Brooklyn. I did not win, but I definitely enjoyed the experience of sharing something that came from the heart about a place I love so much. I’m grateful to my family who came out and supported me. I was probably one of the youngest authors there, and one of the few of color. Continue reading

A$AP Rocky Visits Harlem Youth

16 Dec
A$AP Rocky

Natelege Whaley,

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Despite the snowfall outside, A$AP Rocky made his way to his old-stomping grounds in Harlem, N.Y., to give words of encouragement to a few dozen teenagers at the National Black Theatre on Saturday (Dec. 14). The ladies, many of them young mothers, are mentees in Youth At Risk, a non-profit organization that reaches young people in need of empowerment across New York City. Continue reading

I’m A Finalist in the Brooklyn Film and Arts Festival’s 2013 Non-Fiction Writing Contest

6 Dec

#goodnews I’m a finalist in a non-fiction writing contest! Submissions had to be set in #Brooklyn and capture its “soul.” I’ve never done one of these. So I’m pretty hype & nervous right now. ☺️😭I’ll be reading my essay on Dec. 12th (THURSDAY) so holla if you want to come thru!

The program called “Strictly Brooklyn Non-Fiction,” begins at 6:30 pm, Thurs. Dec. 12, 2013 in the Maroni Theater at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201.  Continue reading

Presidential Innovation Fellow Speaks on African-Americans and Technology

22 Nov

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Since June, Derek Frempong has been one of the top innovators chosen for the second round of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, which pairs distinguished individuals from the private sector, non-profits and academic world to develop solutions that can “save lives, save taxpayer money and fuel job creation.” The program was launched by President Obama in August 2012. Continue reading

20 Years Ago: A Tribe Called Quest Release ‘Midnight Marauders’

8 Nov
Midnight Marauders


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The year was 1993. Hip-hop, only about 20 years old, was dipped in gold. It had reached around the world, a long journey from its origins as a culture created by the improvising youth of New York City. On Nov. 9, A Tribe Called Quest — Q-TipPhife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (by this point original member Jarobi had become the “sometimes ‘Y’”) — delivered their third studio album, ‘Midnight Marauders,’ a defining moment in rap’s Golden Era.

Continue reading

Jhene Aiko’s #LiveBytes Performance

29 Oct

Jhene Aiko has been on tour with Drake for his Would You Like A Tour. She is also gearing up to release her latest project, the Sail Out EP. Take a look at a snippet of her #LiveBytes session.

Sorry this vid is private because my instagram is. You can request me here to view it.


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